I began Grey Zone Ministries to bring hope to those in and out of the Christian faith to know that no matter what others say about you, Jesus loves you!


My mission is to share with my fellow Christians a whole new level of God's love, because there is a huge difference between having God's love 'for you' and having God's love 'in you'.


Human love is fickle and fleeting, and can easily turn into anger and hate. 'Loving Christians' can easily turn into 'angry narrow minded attack Christians' to those around them without his love in them.


I know that Jesus said, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." Matthew 16:24ESV  But for us these days, the better understanding of that statement is, "If anyone would come after me, let him put down their personal opinions and take up the only opinion that should matter - mine and follow me!" An opinion based on absolute unconditional love.


Have you ever noticed that opinionated people are angry people. Tell me I'm wrong. I've never once met one that didn't come off like that. That's how every unsaved person I've ever met has described Born Again Christians. Angry, pushy, opinionated, demanding people, who in reality are keeping the lost away from our God who is desperate to show them his love, by tainting them to believe that Jesus is about anger, violence and haughty opinions.


Grey zone people like me are the marginalized. We are unwanted and the target of much vicious Christian opinionated fury, like those who identify as transgendered. Yet, we are the ones Jesus sought to show his love to the most.


Gaining his love 'in you' will make you truly his. Then you can walk out his love and reach out to all with unconditional love and without you getting in the way.


For me, the number one thing I've gained by letting go of my personal opinions is peace and a genuine desire to love and appreciate everyone I encounter as a gift from God. Today I'm desperate to love all in my life and show them that God truly is about love and to have a desire to humbly serve them as he showed us below.



Imagine our church, the Church of Christ, walking in his absolute love, and seeing everyone through his loving eyes. Imagine how many would come to him if we put down our will, and broke down the walls that divide our planet, and all humbly seek to become as Christ, for each other, and for the lost. 


When we allow God be God in our life, imagine the new vistas and new things we could see so that one day he may touch us, and put his love in us all, to be united under Christ. That we might reach out and embrace every last person in the world and in the grey zone with his unconditional love, and lead them home to himself.


The mission of Grey Zone Ministries is to see this come to pass.