My heart now is to love and share his joy and hope to all those who need it the most. Sometimes that's the people who look like they have it so together but are quietly suffering.


 I remember God telling me to encourage this woman I barely knew at church. I looked at her and said to him that she's the last person to need encouragement! She's got it so together.


But I did as he asked and when I walked up to her, he gave me the words to say. Just two sentences, so benign and so gentle. Then I watched her whole wonderful and put together exterior, crash to the ground before my eyes and she began to cry hard. It really freaked her out! In just two sentences, God had used me to stepped right around this perfect facade and very ornate walls to reveal her true heart place.


She ran to the bathroom, but I know it was because it was like she was found out for the true and real pain that she hid from everyone.


You never know what a warm genuine smile can do for someone. It might seem so trivial, but for someone secretly contemplating something bad to themselves, it could be a lifeline that says to them, 'Someone cares about you!'


Love takes many forms. The biggest question I ask myself now is, "Am I here for me, or for those around me?" Basically, am I here to serve or be served? I know what Jesus would say as he put the towel around his waist and washed the feet of his disciples. May we all seek to serve like him in our lives!


I know that’s hardly much 'about me' but honestly, that’s really who I've become though Jesus. He's given me his heart to love and to share his love and to encourage others to find his love, not for themselves, but to give it out.


Finally, I leave you with pictures of my kitties!