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Laura presents a powerful, inspiring and gripping true story of abuse and lifelong isolation that began at an early age.


Share in her struggles, as she desperately tries to honor God in her heart and life, while standing against unbelievable attacks by so many she trusted. Join her as she discovers what God's true heart is for her, as she embraces being led by God, step by step, to be the Christian God wants us all to be.


This is a powerful story of grace, forgiveness, hope and extending God’s love to others. It is a book about her love and passion for Jesus, and one we can all learn from. Read how Laura truly does ‘turn the other cheek’ in her darkest moments and does it with God’s gentleness and grace.


Her willingness to be open, humble and real in this book, and to ‘put it all out there’ is an encouragement for us all. If you truly want to understand what having God’s love means, then this is a book you need to have.


It is a beautiful testament of a heart willing, devoted and passionate for Jesus.